Super Flat Flooring

Concrete floors are critical elements in any industrial & warehouse facility. This is particularly the case in high-bay warehousing, where high tolerance, very flat floors are essential for the efficient operation of the materials handling equipment used.

We are experienced in the construction of flat floors in accordance with Concrete Society Technical Report 34, DIN 18202, DIN 15-185, all ASTM standards (including the Fmin specification), and many other leading international standards.

In Ware houses, materials handling equipment is used in two different distinct areas: areas of free-movement traffic and areas of defined-movement traffic:

In free-movement areas, MHE can travel randomly in any direction. Free-movement areas typically occur in factories, retail outlets, low-level storage and food distribution. They are also found alongside defined-movement areas in warehousing.

In defined-movement areas, vehicles use fixed paths in very narrow aisles: they are usually associated with high-level storage racking. The layout is designed specifically to accommodate the racking and MHE only.

Benefits of Superflat Floor

Superflat Floor has a number of Benefits, listed below are some them…

High material handling efficiency.

Safer working conditions for Lifting Equipment.

Lower maintenance cost on Lifting Equipment.

More durable floor, longer working life-span.

Permissible limits on Properties I, II and III in defined-movement areas.

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